VCA group fader via CMC / HUI

In previous versions, you could only use the fader strip of a CMC control on channels. It wouldn’t control group faders. HUI control had the same behavior (I read somewhere that the CMCs used an altered version of the HUI protocol, so if that’s true the similarities would be understandable).

In 8, is it now possible to control VCA group faders via CMC / HUI, or do they still work on channels only?

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    I have 2 CMC Fader Control, 1 Channel Control, one Transporte Control, one Quick Control, and i really would like to have them controlling other channels than only only the audio/midi “normal” channels.
    SB, this coulb be a really good thing to all owners of the CMC packs…

The support may already be there in 8. My thinking is that a VCA group fader is a different class of creature, so perhaps it will be recognized along with regular channel faders.

Can anyone test / confirm this?

My CMC CH fader can control both VCA and group faders…


Jalcide reports that it doesn’t work for him. I thought I’d point your posts at each other so we could figure out what you’re doing differently that results in your success.

What’s the difference? CMC drivers updated to latest version?
Am I the only one that have a functional VCA & group fader connection to CMC?

Thanks for linking, Chris.

Smedberg, Oh the CH channel. I didn’t try that. I tried with my two FD fader banks and it didn’t work there. Lemme try with my CH module (I have them all). Will update this post right here.

UPDATE: Yup, the CMC CH module’s channel fader works perfectly on a VCA fader.

FD faders just skip over it.

However, the LEDs change if the VCA fader moved them, as expected.

I guess as long as ONE fader works (on the CMC CH), that’s all most would need.

There you go!
I bet that’s the difference. :slight_smile:

Now all CMC controllers work with all kind of channels. Input channels, audio channels, MIDI channels, Group, FX, and Master. I tried that and now i’m working with all CMC controlling all that i want. A really great feature.

Wow, awesome!

I just tested Cubase 8 with VCA faders and it works great.

I’m now wondering if my “skips over VCA faders in Cubase 7.5” was user error (me).

The VCA fader being “visible within” the current CMC bank in the Mix Console, but in a different position in the Arrange Window and therefore not in the correct location to be controlled (unless the CMC bank is shifted to meet up with it).

I’ll test to confirm in 7.5 when I get a chance.

Either way, great news, for certain in Cubase 8. Thanks for sharing this, Agilkds.

Do you have the option to sync the Mixer with the project window enabled?

Do the CMC FDs follow channels hidden from the Mix Console Visibility Pane?

Curious - with all the MCU issues . . .