VCA link group settings unwanted affect all monitor button

Can we uncheck the monitor link somehow so that I can work on and hear one audio track in group during playback of others that need monitor left on, right now it’s all on or all off I can’t work that way, yes I checked group via settings no option for monitors

While we’re at it, record also , I might want to record one track in a vca group but all of the record buttons are locked together.

Don’t forget Select!

This is (IMHO) the big shortcoming of the new “VCA Faders” implementation.

Makes them quite cumbersome to use.

There are several “Feature Request” posts on this and I certainly hope it will be changed.

There are also several posts in the Nuendo Forum to the effect: "Don’t you dare do it that way in Nuendo . . "
And Steinberg has indicated Nuendo’s implementation will be different so there will surely be some changes.

When and what?
Don’t know.

But the more noise about it here - the better.

So everybody pile on, please.


Yes thank you and I thought it was user error, Not hobbiest functionality, couldn’t imagine a post house dealing with this, luckily I hand of my splits to post but never the less this is impeding my work flow