VCA linked tracks volume fader bug

Was working on a track yesterday, and just came back to my office today and re-open the same project. Play the track and I hear bunch of tracks not producing sound.
Turns out all the tracks that has link to VCA tracks(I have 4-5 VCA tracks), their volume fader has gone down to -00
Oh gosh, now I have to figure out what volume there were at originally.
I’ve had bunch of issues with VCAs but this one is new.
I hope this does not happen again in the middle of a film work

It probably will.

To avoid this, write automation for the linked audio tracks and leave them at Read, at least for the starting fader values. See here:

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Thank you! Well I guess that’s the only way to avoid this for now!
What a headache!


This VCA behavior has been a sore point over in Nuendo world for a while now.