VCA Mixer: gui shows a lot of redundant disabled elements

I haven’t been using VCA channels but thought I would experiment after watching a very good youtube presentation by Dom. The first thing I noticed, which also applies to Cubase 12, is that all of the inserts/eq/sends don’t have any function on VCA mixer channels. So the mixer gui above VCA channels is wasted space. I know I can drag the faders up to fill the space with giant faders, but it looks wrong to have a screen full of controls that invite us to press, but do nothing on those channels. Maybe the VCA mixer could have a streamlined window of its own, with just the fader section? Or maybe Steinberg will allow those functions on VCA channels some day?

Of course, it can be done by using a 2nd mixer and disabling various elements and resizing, like image attached. Just seems odd though, to display elements that are non functional. I think for VCA channels the program should just leave the blank space above to avoid confusion.


Very similar, to Cubase 12. In Cubase 12, there were empty tabs. Now, the tans have names (which might be misleading).