VCA Mute?

Why is there still no Mute button on VCA tracks? (to temporarily mute/un-mute VCA groups).

Don’t get me started on this one. Apparently not possible in this iteration because of potential issues with long standing mute automation problems.

They are unused here because of lack of mute.

Let’s face it…so far, VCA implementation has been a cluster.

About 9 months ago I suggested that Steinberg rethink who’s running that particular part of the development show and maybe make a change there. Obviously, that did not happen.

For me, this is the most problematic rollout of a “major” feature I can remember. It’s going to be well over a year after initial release before VCAs are working properly (assuming they do at some point). May not even happen until Nuendo 8, based on recent history. Wow. Just WOW.

It’s seriously time to change gears on getting VCAs to work properly. Somebody over there needs to get a little more of a Steve Jobs-ey attitude about this development. (pun intended)

A cluster?

More like a flipping disaster.

I’m honestly less worried about a delayed completion of the design compared to it being broken. So far I’ve just run brief tests on 7.0.40 (but maybe I’ll set VCAs up today for a job I’m doing. I think I might actually) and it seems there is “only” one bug left. For that bug there’s a workaround that’s reasonable I suppose, assuming one doesn’t forget about it.

You might be right - let’s hope you are, but Getalife2 was referring not to the state of play right now but to the whole messy affair since the big fanfare release a year ago.

BTW, there might be just two bugs left: the one you found and the I found relating to remembering VCA group settings with older projects. According to Timo the latter will be fixed before the end of this month.


I’m sure you know you’ll get no argument from me there…

Cluster is US military slang. Look it up. I think you’ll be satisfied with it’s intensity level here. :wink:

The absence of Mute functionality means the VCA function is still broken, based upon any rational assessment of the term “VCA” over the last 35 years, which is the period of time that I have used VCAs as a professional audio engineer.

Does the VCA system (built in or aftermarket) on a Trident, SSL, Neve, Euphonix, etc, etc, etc have Mute functionality? Yup, sure does, starting at least 3 decades ago. So why would we want less functionality, decades later, on a system touted as THE world class mixing platform?

Come on, there is not an intellectually honest way to answer “No we do not want Mute on VCA Groups” to that question. Any other answer is a serious reach in credibility.

Someone either does not get it, or else, cannot successfully implement it. Over a period of time comprised of the development period for the VCAs, plus one year.

Sorry if I seem snarky, but the way this feature has been handled has descended into the absurd, in my opinion.

Cool. Perfect term. I liked Clusterf&%k too :slight_smile:

Very well made point.

And Studio One got it right on the first attempt (well, one minor fix).

VCA - Fader (inc automation of corse), Solo, Mute… What more is it to it, really?

Steinberg - 2 different VCAs in Cubase and Nuendo - Non working good (Cubase with mixing it up with the Group/Linking feature makes it a mess - Common RECORD enable button on the VCA is a NO NO).

Mod damn, what a mess :imp: or rather :blush: on their behalf :unamused:

Count me in this choir. Amen