VCA No Audio Issue Work Around

So today 8.5 pro crashed, I restarted my machine, reboot cubase and am asked to pick my ASIO and then register. So my preference file has been corrupted! YAY!!!
I open up a remix that has a deadline of tonight to finish off a few bits and I find that everything using VCA faders isn’t outputting audio. I do a save as and remove all VCA’s and still nothing. I search on here and find it is now a known issue. I would say a pretty dam big issue too as having your DAW play audio is quite important and VCA faders was a big selling point of a previous update. But at least they are aware of this. I read that not simply removing the VCA faders is enough you then have to go in to each channel and remove any of it’s link assignments. As I have about 10 VCA’s all with a lot of automation simply deleting the VCA linking would cause me problems. I know for many the work around will be obvious but I wanted to share the process here for anyone else needing a step by step. I can’t post this in the collected issues thread as it is locked.
First do a save as so if anything does go wrong you haven’t lost anything.
Go to each VCA fader, where is says link click the arrow that appears to the right hand side when you mouse over and click “Combine Automation of VCA and linked channels”. A point to remember here is that if you have linked any VCA’s to a second VCA that is passing automation down the line (a possibility maybe with a complex film mix) you will want to do this process with the highest link first. If audio channel Snare is linked to VCA 1 and VCA 1 is linked to VCA 2 and all of them have automation you will want to combine VCA 2 first, then VCA 1.
Once you have combined all the automation you will notice the VCA faders have returned to 0 and have no automation in the project, delete all VCA faders and go to each audio channel in the mixer that has a link group assignment and click the arrow to the right of “Link 1” or 2 or 3… And in “Included in Link Group” select none.
Save the project and fully close Cubase, restart Cubase, reload your project and you should have audio.
There is a slightly faster way in where you can select to remove the link directly from the audio channel and it gives you the option to combine and automation but I found the other way a little more reliable and better if there are multiple channels reading from a VCA.