VCA not saving the setting after export mixdown after updating Cubase 9.5.20

Hi guys

i’m having this issue that after did a automation within vca
after i export my audio mixdown and close the session after saving
when i reopen back the session notice my channels is not saving the volume that i automate within the VCA

anyway to fix this ?


Is the VCA Channel and it’s automation still present?

yeaa the vca automation is still present

but my channels linked with vca volumes change to other setting which is louder

To what kind of settings did the channels changed to? Could you post a screenshot with pre- and post- status, please?

Hi Martin here is the screenshot that i attached


Reported as a bug.

To fix it (temporarily), add an automation node to the source track, which is controlled by the VCA.

Hi Martin,

thanks for your help, appreciate it :slight_smile:

hope the fix patch will come soon

saw the maintanence update for Cubase 9.0.40
any maintanence update for Cubase 9.5 ?

after the update Cubase 9.5.20
the problem still the same … this time instead of increase volume it decrease the volume


The increase/decrease, it depends on the VCA position before you save.

Have you tried with a project created in C9.5.20 from scratch, please?

Hi ,
will try from the scratch and see


On the linked thread, in turned out it’s not a general bug, as it was in Cubase 9.5.0 and 9.5.10. The issue appears only, if you set the VCA (or any linked) fader to -oo (-inf). What is described here.

@pakchamkai86, please can you also confirm, the issue is not reproducible with Cubase 9.5.20, if:

  • You don’t set the VCA fader to -oo
  • There is no Cubase 9.0 (or older) project involved, i.e. you are using only Cubase 9.5.0/.10/.20 project.