VCA problem

Got a odd problem, i have no level meter movement on any of my VCA channels, evething prints fine DX, FX Ambi etc just the VCA tracks have no levels showing :confused:

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Well according to Guillermo the developers said that things are working great and that if you see something that doesn’t make sense you’re doing it wrong.

So according to Steinberg you’re doing it wrong.

Does same same thing with a friends film template.

  1. Create a clear reproduction of the problem.

  2. Send that to:

a) Yamaha officials
b) Steinberg support

You need to contact Yamaha to put pressure on them so that they put pressure on Steinberg. If you don’t, people like Guillermo will just ignore the issues and tell us we’re using the software incorrectly - which means both you and your friend.

On Monday it will have been 13 MONTHS of VCA not working, and a long time of Timo and Steinberg advertising it as a functioning feature despite knowing it doesn’t work.

I am having problem also, record arming is still unreliable: record arm and monitor all tracks when pressing the button, not selecting the track, an weird behaviour when opening the key editor.

VCA NEEDS A REWRITE…please steinberg face it, we are entering the “two years” territory soon. We paid for that feature a long time ago.

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Pablo, please don’t state your specific issues with VCA in Cubase in the Nuendo section. They are coded differently and function differently, so we won’t see the same errors or results.

I’m still wondering why that is the case.

Deeply sorry, I entered this thread by the new post section and it says general so I thought it was the cubase one. Couldn’t be bothered to read the subforum name!

I don’t know it the post can be erased?

No worries… it doesn’t matter that much now that we’re all aware of the difference.

My guess?.. because either they thought they could push out a simpler implementation of VCA in Cubase and have a nice thing to market so they could make more money, and then wait for the ‘better’ implementation in the Nuendo release which then would be later as it always is…

and/or the two teams don’t communicate with each other…

and/or the designers of the software didn’t comprehend or care about the problems that would occur for people trying to open Cubase projects with VCA in Nuendo…

So let me get this straight - over the past year or so, Steinberg have developed two different, concurrent, VCA systems and apparently neither of them work properly. And projects that have utilised these systems are no longer interchangable as they were before. And they have charged us for these features.

Nice :open_mouth:

As far as I understand it, yes.

Pro Tools has you create a group which is then linked to a VCA channel. But as soon as you link the group it ceases to function as a regular group. It’s basically a way for you to organize which tracks get controlled by the VCA. So while you’ve grouped tracks 1-9 pulling down the fader on 7 doesn’t pull them all down, and soloing that track doesn’t solo them all.

If I understand it correctly Cubase got ‘sort of’ the same system, but where the actual “linked” tracks didn’t get suspended to the same extent as in PT. So that’s why there were a bunch of problems as I understand it. So I think that when you connect your group to the VCA in PT all of the group functionality is turned off, whereas that’s not the case in Cubase.

For Nuendo I think they went with something that would have been more similar to PT, with the exception that you didn’t create the connection of tracks to the VCA using a ‘temporary’ group that is then without function. So in other words it appears that this implementation would have been closer to ideal compared to Cubase’s.

But then we’re left with the issue of what to do when you move a project over. Does the command of a VCA always ‘mean the same thing in context’ in Cubase as it does in Nuendo? I’m not sure it does. Perhaps it should, but I can see how it could create problems.

Further more, it’s always annoyed me when working in Nuendo that I can’t nest groups/linked tracks and VCAs. In PT I can have my dialog tracks grouped in pairs for when I have two people talking in the same shot (think host+guest in a lifestyle show) and conveniently edit between pairs; then I take all those pairs and create one group for all dialog. It all works very neatly . Same with fx; one group for hard fx, one for amb, one for whatever, one for all of them etc. And the same with VCA. It just gives us engineers so many options to customize our workflow ever so slightly depending on the project. So I had high hopes that the new VCA implementation in Nuendo would allow a much greater degree of freedom to both overcome the “link” limitation as well as allow for greater nesting (and it should be noted that this can be done “on the fly” as well; meaning it doesn’t have to be set up with a certain goal ‘chronologically’, it can all be done at any time - not so in Nuendo).

So again; why they didn’t just blatantly copy the functionality of PT I really don’t understand.

+1. PT gets their VCA implementation right.

And now they apparently admit it isn’t working correctly, but say that there’s only one case in which it doesn’t work (though I described several) and that so few users are affected they don’t care to fix it any time soon.

Where did they admit that?

the priority level has been set very low, you should not expect it to be fixed any time soon.

Half a year later…

Yeah, no #@&$ Guillermo: Very low priority level.