VCA question - Changing default starting point on VCA fader

When I create a VCA fader for a group of channels, it automatically sets the default starting value on the fader at 0(db?). Anyway of changing this to say -12 without affecting the existing levels on the linked channels? Tried unlinking it, but as soon as I do that it loses the cap so can’t adjust it and then bring the channels back into the group.

I am retro-fitting a number of already in-the-works projects to use the faders. If I’m doing a fade-in for existing channels, it makes it considerably boring if I only have 5-6 db to work with.

Yes I know and as far as I understand you can’t but I have had the same thoughts as you have so I will add this as new feature request!

I think Steinberg just now struggle to solve all the VCA bugs before they add new features to it.
Over all VCA-faders are great but has been very bad implemented in Cubase PRO 8. Steinberg should never had embedded two different features into one feature. LINK channels and VCA Faders should be two separate features instead embedded them together to one. That is why we have so many problems now with the new VCA fader feature. I hope Steinberg come to the same conclusions I have already. If they make VCA faders to a new sepate feature I think that will solve 80-90% of all issues found regarding VCA faders.

For now VCA-fader are so buggy for me so its not even worth the time considering use it. I’m amazed that someone @ Steinberg didn’t found all this issues during BETA test? I hope Steinberg hire someone who knows and can test their systems correctly before official launch in the future. Hire me instead! :wink:

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I’m finding that using them much improves the “presence” of the sound I get over using group channels. It theoretically shouldn’t be so, being digital, but it is losing something as opposed to when I route a channel straight out to the main.

Steinberg Technical Support’s response to this question:

this is not possible with currently how the VCA faders work. You can however change the volume of the channels themselves without affecting the VCA.