VCA record arming [different issue]

When arming a track in a VCA record group, all tracks are armed. This is not expected or desired behaviour. Although there is a modifier you can use, VCA control is for mixing, not tracking - default behaviour should not be group arming.

Either an additional parameter in the VCA dialog (arming) or removal of behaviour altogether is required.

[mods - this is a totally different issue to the one already in collected issues - thanks]

Please make an option or fix the arm/channel selection in vca groups.

I cant use my macke control for selecting or arming a track without arming every track in the group (pressing alt and the button in the mackie control defeats the purpose of a control surface).

Channel selection and arming should not be part of vca operation in my opinion.

Thanks (loving everything else in cubase 8)

1 year later, still this issue in 8.5.

So glad they applied resources to vst transit and profiles.

Also, key commands focus, I don’t think has been fixed too?..


Why needed function not work years and years? Why we pay for this? Rhetorical question))

Ran across this one when attempting the use of VCAs, very frustrating! Has there been any official acknowledgment from Steinberg on this? Like others have said, it’s been a long time.