VCA record arming

Hi folks, any way to permanently not arm all tracks in a VCA group when clicking one of them? If you click another member of the group it goes to single arm, while if you click the first one you selected again it goes to rename. Irritating behaviour. I don’t want them armed together at all - they’re just in a VCA group to control all levels at once if needs be via the VCA fader.

Press ‘ALT’ when selecting, irc.

Yes, but any way to make it permanent? I never want to arm all in a group.

I agree with noiseboyuk.
Record arming should be held far away from VCA’s IMO.

It’s a bug when selecting one channel, that all others will be selected too. Maybe it’s some more bugs in the VCA system, as of now.

The VCA tracks/faders should be completely seperated from the Link/Group feature. A half-way solution so far IMO.

I fully Support what is statet here concerning “Record arming”. I can not see a single Situation where I want or Need to record arm all channels that are linked to a VCA-fader.

In a different thread someone posted the opposite: “Why would one want to arm a single track for recording that is part of a VCA-Group”. Well… sigh… maybe my Point of view: The VCA-Faders are a concept mostly needed during MIXING, not during TRACKING.

Cheers, Ernst

It’s looking more and more to me like the “VCA Fader” is not really what it says it is. When I use a VCA fader, it just tends to link everything in that channel, including sends, effects, arming, etc. This is never shown or mentioned in the videos as a feature of VCA! And besides, that’s simply “linking”, which we already have. It’s supposed to control faders, and nothing more; come on, Steinberg.

Tried to get a thread going in Issues on this, but doesn’t seem to have been accepted by the mods.

All those other parameters you can deselect in the VCA edit dialog (in the mixer, make sure the link section is shown, then press E). So you can set it up perfectly well, except for record arming which is not available.

And it has a bug that won’t let you save the VCA Fader only option. Next time you open it (the project I believe), it has selected the default options again, Volume, sends and routing.

This is a nasty bugger, and has been noted under “Collected Issues”.

That’s a different issue. This is about getting a new parameter altogether (arming), or changing the VCA arming behaviour for everyone.

Now it’s own thread in Issues

That depends on how you want to record, surely. What if you want to use a template where all of your drum tracks are already assigned to a VCA group, or if you want to redo something during/after mixing?

Of corse, but they have to fix this bug, while fixing the selecting and rec arm issues.

I agree they need to change, so that all link functions (also new ones, like rec arming) can be omitted or included.
That is, if they really have to have the VCA’s combined with the link/group function. Which in my opinion should be completely seperated.

Yes. I would say what they really need to do it just make it an independent VCA fader, like they’ve enthusiastically advertised. Right now, it’s just a linked channel—already easy to do—but without any sends, etc, that randomly links your channels’ settings! It’s essentially useless.