VCA - Reset after save BUG - did they fix it?

I told to myself that I would not do upgrade until Steinberg fixed this bug.
So, did they fix it?


Could you link to the original report, please?

I talked about that:


This is an known issue which is caused by design. Please create initial Volume Automation Points on the according Channels. That helps here.

This error caused a lot of trouble for me in two large projects in the past. I remember that in both of them I had a lot of automation points, but after save and reopen projects I lost all volume settings in the VCA groups. I read somewhere that the impact on the loss of these values has a moment in which we save the project. If the line on timeline will be at the moment where VCA is at the -infinite state after opening the project, we lose all volume channel settings belonging to the VCA. Absurd. At Protools VCA has been working beautifully for years. I will wait until CUBASEā€¦ 20.5 :wink: