VCA Spill Workaround for Avid Artist Series

This is for Artist Series/S1 Users frustrated by the new updated features offered via the Avid Control software but ONLY WORK ON PRO TOOLS. :angry:

I’ve figured out a workaround for the VCA Spill feature that works great on Pro Tools but not at all for us Cubase/Nuendo Users.

Step 1: Make a Layout with all of your VCA Tracks and include an ATTENTION FADER.
Step 2: Pick a Soft Key to assign the “Show Connected Tracks Agent” in Nuendo.

Step 1: Launch your VCA layout on your hardware, then select the wanted VCA.
Step 2: Use the Soft Key to spill the tracks in Cubase/Nuendo.
Step 3: Use the Attention Fader to adjust whichever track in the spill group you wanted to work on.

Obviously, it’s not perfect since it’s a workaround. But it is almost as fast and just as effective. Think of it as “3+1” instead of “2+2.” It gets you to the same place a few mico-seconds slower. Try it out and let me know what you think. :wink:

Anybody tried this yet?

I haven’t used soft-keys on Avid controllers so personally, ‘no’. I have however done “spill” via a programmable keyboard pretty much the way you did. It’s pretty handy.

My workflow changed a bit recently so I haven’t done that much, but I think now that you brought it up I’ll go back to setting up visibility agents again and re-incorporate it.

So, you’re doing it entirely in the software?

Sorry, I just realized that I think I mislead you a bit: I haven’t done it so that a controller follows, I just meant that I used the “show connected” function to get only channels I wanted visible in Nuendo. Back when I used that I was mostly using a single-fader Faderport so the actual spilling onto a controller wasn’t really the outcome I was looking for.

Yeah, that’s what I thought you meant. You were “spilling” inside Nuendo on the DAW Screen.

That’s pretty much how this is working with the controllers. It doesn’t spill onto the hardware surface. It spills on the DAW. Then you use the Attention Fader to adjust the track inside the spilled group, which again is on the screen. All you have on the hardware is the VCAs Layout. You pick from that. It shows up on the screen. You pick your track and use the attention fader.

If it spilled on the hardware, the workaround wouldn’t be necessary. If the hardware mirrored the DAW, beyond the default setting, 90% of the developed workarounds wouldn’t be needed. But that subject has been discussed into exhaustion!

Got it. I see your point now.

Were you able to make KC’s that accessed the View Configuration section directly? It’s the same menu that holds the Visibility Agents. But as we’re limited to just 8 of those (WHY???), I’ve been searching for a way to access 9 and above with a KC launch. WITH the visibility agent, I can build a macro that launches the agent with a matching layout in one button and closes back to the default setting. WITHOUT the visibility agent, I have to launch the configuration and then launch the matching layout from the hardware, which is very distracting. Do you know where the section is that accesses that menu, in order to write a KC?

KC’s and Layouts are THE critical components of Macro Building in maximizing the usefulness of these controllers. Having limitations on them (48 Layouts for Artist/S1 & 96 for S4/S6) is even more crippling, given the lack of universal hardware mirroring. So, I’m looking for every possible alternative. Have you tried building anything (KCs or Macros) with the Logical Editor? That section is still waaay too complicated for me to figure out.

Hi i try to set the VCA Spill on my S1 with Cubase…
What do you exactly mean in the Step 2 ? What is or where i find the “Show Connected Tracks Agent” … ?
Thank you for your help