VCA still troubled? (copy from issues forum)

Hi, I will post this so we can know if anyone is encountering the same issues and we can have some feedback

First issue:

  1. new project
  2. create a bunch of instruments tracks
  3. assign VCA fader to them (in the options page, deselect everything, specially “selection”)
  4. arm record one track with the record arm button in the mixer.

Does it arm just the channel or the whole group?

Second issue:

  1. new project
  2. create two instruments tracks
  3. assign VCA fader to them (in the options page, deselect everything, specially “selection”)
  4. draw or record some midi in some channels
  5. use double click or the menu to open one of the midi events in the key editor.
  6. close the key editor

what happens with the record arm status of that track, and what happens with the other?
I am getting weird behaviour in the record arm status.

I have recorded some videos to ilustrate my problem:

Record arm:

Instrument Tracks record arm when opening key editor:


Yes, I am experiencing both of these issues.

I was hoping this had been fixed when I read the version history for Cubase 8.5.20 but it seems not!

“B-16259 MIXCONSOLE: Improved the Rec-Arm behavior when selecting channels linked to VCA Faders”

If others are experiencing this issues, we should use this topic to document them.

I think that it is beyond incredible that Steinberg has not fixed VCA behaviour in one and a half year!
We will have to pay for Cubase 9 in december, maybe we can have working VCA then?

Use ALT+ click, to override the ‘linking’ property (regarding Rec Arm), for your first item.

Technically there is nothing to fix here - it is exactly how, rightly or wrongly, it was designed and coded to work. You may not like/agree the behaviour; in which case, its a Feature Request I’m afraid, to ask for the behaviour you want to see.

As to your second item, well, agreed - that looks plain wrong… :slight_smile: You don’t have any preferences set to Rec Arm on track selection, or the like…?

(BTW - videos are very useful, to see these things…)


I have been told by steinberg reps that this is not the intended behaviour and I was ment to be fixed (two of them, Guillermo and Fabio).

I cannot think that having to press a modifier key to select or arm a channel is a well though behaviour?
We can debate if using a linked group is the best tool to achieve VCA functionality, but that is another issue.

The second item, even if the rec arm on selection is on, it looks like a bug.

The point is, VCA are still a half made feature, introduced one and a half year ago (you should look at the Nuendo forum and VCAs)

Interesting… I stand corrected.

Though I use them, I’m also no fan of how they decided to implement these, using the ‘Link Channels’ facility. They shouldn’t have anything to do with that at all IMO. VCA’s should do one job well and not get mixed in with other areas of functionality.

And yes, I see the horrible situation they’ve backed themselves into, in developing two different systems, for Nuendo/Cubase. Its not good reading.

Oh well, guess we’ll soon see - roll on C9 (or maybe before…!? I’ve read a C8.5.30 is ‘in the works’…)


Really? That is exciting. Do you remember where you read that?