Okay, 8.0.35 is out. A lot about VCA faders but nothing about “[BON-14543]Tracks play back in silence until fader is moved”.

I guess we can only try out and see if we can use VCA faders again without wrecking our projects…

Or does anybody know this should be fixed with one of the other VCA fixes?



Can’t speak for 8.0.35, but in 8.5 the problem is not only with VCA faders but with ANY track that uses automation. i’d stick to what you got if it’s working tbh. I’m stuck with this problem now since I upgraded to 8.5 from 5. I hope Steinberg understands that this might be the case for many.

Yep VCAs are totally knackered here… 8.5.0… is rather frustrating!

How are they knackered? I very rarely use them myself but everything seems fine in 8.5 on the couple of occasions I have used VCA’s.

If I save, exit and then reload a project using VCAs the associated audio channels become silent, their respective metering also shows no signal.

Has anyone reported this in 8.5? For me, I’ve just assigned a mixture of Kontakt and audio faders to a VCA. Now there’s complete silence for those tracks. If I touch one of the individual faders I get sound back on that track but as soon as I let go of it, the sound disappears again…

It’s a bug which has previously reported.

We need a hotfix…

In my case, an intermittent problem that I can’t reliably replicate. It comes and goes. Not only in my own projects; I downloaded the Steinberg ‘Eight Good Reasons’ project to test my machine, and th esame intermittent fault as described by other people. Sometimes I open a project with VCAfaders, and there is no sound UNLESS I click and hold on a fader. Interestingly, this happens for me on small projects without any automation at all; I’ve just added VCAfaders to use them but then this crops up. I too find Cubase 8.5 really good, but unfortunately I can’t use VCA faders.


Annoyingly they work just fine in c8 on my system … Was working on a project earlier which is reliant on them and all was good! 8.5 is pretty much near perfect on my machine but the vca issue is a major pain!

Can’t seem to replicate this problem on OSX 10.10.5 - VCA automation works fine and no audio loss on linked channels. Same with normal track automation. Perhaps a Windows issue?