VCA's - Who wrote the book?

It seems that Steinberg’s implementation of VCA features does not match what is considered to be industry standard methods used elsewhere in other DAWs and hardware based studios.

As Steinberg are telling us that it is the way it should be, perhaps they could back that up by letting us know who wrote the code and what experience he/she/they have in using VCA facilities in professional studios, or who provided them with the advice on how it is supposed to work.

@Steinberg - If you want professionals to use Nuendo/Cubase and you want to compete with other available products don’t you think it would be a good idea to explain to us why you believe your system is correct and others are incorrect? If you are proud of the job you’ve done on VCA’s why not shout it from the rooftops and let the world know that you have found a better way to do things.

I can hardly beleive that Steiny guys don’t know about VCA’s and automation, although I mostly agree with what you say.

Perhaps they just spread themselves out thin, introducing too many new features under pressure, some of them really great, others quite immature, and now it’s difficult to sort things out without a major ovehaul of the underlying code.

Apart from the problems that plagued VCA for the last one and a half year (some of them fixed) steinberg claims that the current state of cubase’s VCA is working well and according to design.

So currently, for example, rec and monitor arm on all tracks when you press the button:

Do you think that is a good workflow choice?
Could you tell us why, if it was a concious decision?

Do you think that having to press ALT is a good choice, thus negating the use of a key command?

I dream of a day in which a Steinberg software designer (not a marketing or costumer service employee) appears here and talk to their customers about design choices, maybe we can understand better what we are buying, and where our investment is going.

I find the lack of involvement from Steinberg on these forums really sad. Timo drops in every blue moon, but doesn’t really engage over a longer period of time. I wrote about finding this sad in lengthy posts elsewhere on this forum.

If it was not for this great and helpful community, I’d seriously look for greener pastures as I find this situation highly frustrating. This community keeps it together for me with great tips and workarounds.

There are a handful of super mega awesome features no other DAW has because everybody is focusing on music and beat making, not on film post. Except for Avid, but I tried Pro Tools many times and I get a headache every time I install it. If any other DAW would get the handful of features Nuendo has that I absolutely love, I’d be gone. Many DAWs feel much more polished and modern. I don’t know how their product dev teams are in the forums, if they’re responsive, but their DAW feels more modern and they have a user interface paradigm I feel much more comfortable with. So even if their engagement was as bad as Steinberg’s, I’d be at least stuck with an overall more modern DAW.

But as it looks today, no DAW will do what Nuendo does in the coming months or even years. If at all. Music and beats is where the money is, it seems. Why bother with complicated ADR and batch export functions only a small percentage of users cares about. And that’s why I’ll stay here for now and voice my opinion as I care about this product, I work with it every day, I would like for it to get better and better and I wish there was more going on in terms of involvement from Steinberg with their active community. But alas, we’re here, talking to each other and agreeing on many things, only to see our involvement slowly evaporate into nothing.

I wonder. In the Cubase 8.5 videos Steinberg constantly talk about how they listened to their users and implemented requested functions. Who are those users and where do they talk to them…

In the interest of being fair I should disclose that Thorsten Marx reached out to me a couple of weeks ago. He’s been on vacation and just resumed correspondence with me. So at least there’s communication behind the forum so to speak. But it took a while.

I have nothing to say about it since for now I’m basically just telling him what I’ve told other people, just phrased differently for trouble-shooting purposes.

I just wonder what Steinberg has to gain by remaining closed and secretive while assumptions and negative sentiment cook in their forums.