The year is 2014. Perhaps Nuendo doesn’t have it because there is no Feature Request thread specifically requesting it. I don’t know.

Can you PLEASE make this happen?

Hi all !
Although I think vcas could (will ?) be a nice addition to nuendo, it is not that urgent in my opinion…
I wouldn’t say the same in Protools :
Couldn’t work without vcas in protools

I I may, I’m a bit curious on your request…
What exactly do you do with vca in your workflow in Nuendo ?
Is it for adjusting volume just for adjusting volume ?
In that case smart grouping is kind of useful (Not exactly a vca, an that’s why I still think vcas necessary, or at least better grouping control)
Or is it to adjust a group volume before hitting some plugins like highthresh comp or limiter ?
Because unlike PT, N does not (absolutely) need vca for that particular workflow, as long as you get 2 post fader plugins…

Ju, VCAs are very useful when tweaking large projects both faders and sends (if included in the VCA concept). You can control tracks without mixing them.
In a score mix I would use the following VCAs just for strings: decca, close, wide, ambient. Could I do that using groups, yes, but I don’t want them in different groups, I want it all assigned to one string group not multiple.

In a post mix I can have specific control of various type tracks regardless of what group or bus they are routed to. I can still control any fader individually at the same time as I can control the overall level of the VCA controlled signals.

VCAs add another layer of control and flexibility that can not be achieved easily using other methods.
I have used many “real” consoles over the years as well as PT (but prefer Nuendo) and in general VCAs are the most underused and misunderstood tools there is. Just like the PLE in Nuendo is.
I loved the VCA implementation in our old neve Capricorn console.


Yes, Nuendo needs VCAs!

Until now we always used the mixing automation (and DSPs) of our Euphonix System 5 console (with VCAs!) for music projects. We are now looking into mixing music in Nuendo using the S5 as a EuCon remote control.

The Nuendo linked channels are not the same as VCA groups with a dedicated VCA group fader.

For music mixing, you will group all string instruments to a string VCA to be able to control this entire section easily but still being able to modify the individual channels inside the group. For example raise the entire string section level except for the cello(s). On a console you will raise the VCA group fader and hold back the cello fader(s).

And you need this kind of control prior to sending the signals to an audio group bus.

Using the Nuendo channel link function does not work this way.
When I link several channels I can modify the entire group level by using the fader of one of the linked channels. But when I touch more than one linked fader at the same time (raise the entire group but holding back the cello, for example), Nuendo only raises the entire group (including the cello fader I’m actually keeping in it’s position on the console) using the information from the first touched fader.

Of course you can do this step by step: first raise the entire string section, un-link, hold back the cello, re-link. But that would be too many operations and you would not hear what you are actually mixing.

We’re going back to using the mix automation of our console for music projects.

Further on the topic of how groups are not an adequate VCA replacement-- when sending tracks to a group in cubendo for a vca-like control, if you then alter the volume of the group, any send amounts the individual channels routed to that group may be using, are not altered in the same way.


VCA faders are on our priority list, although it won’t make it in N6.5.


I am being told by a very reliable source that VCA is in testing/development. As well as big surprises for the notation editors . . . hint Sibelius.

As long as notation doesn’t come at the expense of other issues such as window management in Windows, correct support of 3rd party controllers, an improved and properly functioning macro system etc.

I honestly fear that they’ll include great features at the expense of basic functionality glitching again. It wouldn’t be the first time.