When i mix sound i love to play with LPfilters in some cases so i avoid having that feeling of volume going on and off on a track.
The more i used this over the years the more i add it to my music works for sound tracks (on loops or samples of course but also any string librarys when it comes to mix pianissimos they always need some filtering to help.)
And now i can hardly do without it. Right now im’ recording raw modular ambiances i want to add to a sountrack. I record hours of sound that i will edit and keep portions of it. Once in nuendo i will want to smooth the in/out with some filter combined with volumes.
right now i use pre to set and automate this… but it’s 2 parameters i have to automate.

There’s more and more vcfa in the modular world like the dynamix from make noise i use alot.

WHY NOT THIS IN NUENDO !! hell. something as simple as that would be so cool.
Add vcfa in STRIP with HP or LP ? that would follow the volume setting ?
Also in fade window : LP or HP filter that would follow the fade curve

how do you guys do it for now ?

Isn’t this typically a plugin feature? I mean, don’t people typically use plugins for this?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a DAW that allows for an oscillator or amplitude to control (built-in) filter slope. While it would be cool for some uses I also kind of think it’s maybe a bit confusing for some people since it’s very non-standard.

Yes but look at the direction nuendo takes in terms of sound design and video game. There’s probably dozens of features that were ment to be kept in plugins or other softwares. I mean. I started with cubase 2.0 there was no audio so… crossing boundaries should not be a concern and that’s where things become creative.