Vcontrol with C9


My (updated newest version) Vcontrol does not work anymore in Cubase 9.01
It is still working in C8.5 however.
I copied exactly all settings (which are not that many) under Devices from 8.5 to 9, but nothing happens.
Perhaps any of you has the same problem?

Must say C9 works just fine, no VST’s blacklisted, runs good, or let’s say just as good/bad as 8.5.
For a 100 euro upgrade it is very little improvement however.

Problem solved.
WIthin a couple of hours the guys at Neyrinck made a new beta version of “V-contro Prol” and now it works just fine under Cubase 9(and still under 8.5 offcourse)
Shows how technical support should always be ! thanks Neyrinck