VDL Template in Dorico 4

Good morning!

I recently installed Virtual Drumline on my mac hoping to use it when arranging for the high school band program I teach in the US. I found the marching percussion template video on youtube released in 2020 and quickly downloaded the template. After watching the video and reading the PDF I began entering battery percussion parts for a project where I already completed the horn parts using the VDL+Note Performer template option.

The input process for the snare line went quickly. However, as I began to write out the tenor parts I realised that the playback was not representative of what I thought I input into the notation software from a sound sample standpoint.

Is this template functional in Dorico 4? I know the video displays Dorico 3. Also, early in the video the percussion maps for the snare, tenor and bass lines are displayed. For some reason these maps don’t appear in my edition of Dorico 4 after setting the template to VDL+Noteperformer.

Any help would be appreciated!

Yes it is compatible with Dorico 4. I used it with D4 and D5 (Pro versions).

The question I have, did you input the correct technique?


Just to be clear here… depending on how you have input setup, just pushing the “F” key on your keyboard will not necessarily place a regular drum 4 hit. It might place a drum 4 shell, rim, muted note, etc.

I found it easier to click on the measure, move the cursor up and down to the correct drum, and then I BELIEVE using command+option and up or down arrow will change which technique is being chosen, then hitting ‘Y’.


If you don’t have the percussion maps, I can email you some. I have a lot (but not all) for VDL.



Thanks for getting back with me about this. I watched the youtube video John put up and followed the process for input he showed for the tenor drums. When I move my cursor up and down in the staff it doesn’t display the same techniques or drum mapping that the video does.

I would appreciate the percussion maps!

Do you have the snareline, tenor, bass and cymbal maps that were used in the video?

Thanks again

I do… I think. I may have made some additions to the mapping.

Send me a private message with your email, and I will send them to you.