VDL Template Velocity Defaults

I’ve been anxiously waiting for a time to learn Dorico, and finally took the dive. I’m working with percussion scores using the VDL library, and have downloaded the template John provided in the spring.

By default, the velocities are all over the place. Is there some sort of “natural” playback function I’ve overlooked/failed to disable? In this style of playing, extremely consistent velocity (regardless of rhythmic placement) is the goal, so my playback is fairly unusable. I realize I could edit the velocities after input, but if there’s a way to adjust this prior to input it would make my workflow much more efficient.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Hi calvindugan!
Welcome to the forum!
Check the Playback options, you should be able to find some settings that suit you. Beat stressing to 0, lower the accent stress, humanize to 0%…