VDL Templates

Has there been anymore advancements on the front of further VDL implementation? I’ve been mostly keeping up, but haven’t heard anything about it in a while. I watched the video on getting VDL set up, and while it’s extremely helpful, it’s still a little less than intuitive for someone who uses VDL on a daily basis (for work). A true template and the support to create your own templates could help greatly.

I would love to jump head first in to Dorico from Sibelius but need this to be solved first.


Welcome to the forum, dylanmixer. There’s certainly nothing to stop you from creating your own templates, i.e. to set up the percussion mappings and percussion playing techniques to your liking, right now. John is still working on mappings for VDL patches, and you can email him for more updates at j dot barron at steinberg dot de.

Hey Daniel, thank you for the response! It seems that those playing techniques and settings disappear when I load a new project however. Is it possible I’m doing something wrong on my end? It takes a lot of setting up for me if I were to load say an XML file.

The best way to make the sum total of everything you need to handle VDL available in a new project is simply to start each new project from the project that already contains that information, i.e. set it all up in one project, then do File > Save As and save it under a new name, then (if you wish) delete the players and flows from it, and when you start a new project, make the first step to be to open this template project file and use Save As to save it under a new name.