VE PRO 5 outputs Mixer channel colors

Hi all,

Is it not possible to change the color of each individual mixer channel for the outputs of VE PRO 5? I add a VE PRO 5 to the rack, then enable all 32 outputs and they all stick to the color of the single VE PRO 5 VST track in the project. Is there anyway to get around this so I can match the output colors. to the colors of the instrument sections that are using those outputs?

Looked on youtube and didn’t see any videos on this and I searched the manual also with no luck.



So playing around I stumbled on something. I created a Kontakt 5 multi and it worked perfectly. Studying the F11 screen, I noticed that I had accidentally created a “RACK INSTRUMENT” for Kontakt, while my VE PRO 5 was an “INSTRUMENT TRACK” within the vst rack window. So now it appears I need to research the difference between the two.