VE PRO 7 with Dorico

Hi, there is currently a discount on Vienna ensemble Pro 7, is it worth it to use in Dorico? Is there any real improvement in performance especially with huge sound libraries like BBCSO? Another question for those who own it. Is it simple to set up for use in Dorico? Thanks for the help. :wave:

This post might help:

There’s heaps of other posts about this topic too. It’s basically just about matching up your expression/percussion maps and endpoint configurations to VEP.


Thank you so much…this is very helpful! :grinning: I had already searched the forum but I had missed this post! I also read that together with Ve Pro 7 there is Epic Orchestra 2.0, over 70 gb of content, it seems to me remarkable as an offer. :wave:

the BBCSO is one of the ones where VEPro is most useful, both from a performance and a library loading time point of view.

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That (Epic Orch) was one of the attractions for me, but I barely ever use it. I noticed when I was switching my VSL stuff to iLok that it’s taking up 70gb on my SSD that I’d possibly prefer to use for something else.

(TBH VEPro came along so early in my relationship with VSL, I thought I was getting Vienna Instruments Pro :slight_smile: )

Actually the SYNCHRON-ized Epic Orchestra 2.0 (update from the Epic Orch 1.0) is just around 6.5 GB in size. However, the package also includes a number of excerpts from other libraries, like Synchron Strings or Synchron Percussion. The Synchron Strings account for the largest chunk of more than 30 GB. With the new Vienna Assistant you can select which parts to download and install.

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I don’t believe that’s true – at least, while moving it I didn’t see an option to do so.

Unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity to try it, tomorrow I’ll start to try both Ve Pro 7 and epic orchestra. In any case, if you have space on your pc, the offer is good, you have both the software and a big sound library at a competitive price.

I have a question regarding synchron player. I read somewhere on this forum that you have to enable the CC2 Vel.XF controller in the perform tab in synchron player to make the dynamics work correctly in Dorico. Correct me if I’m wrong and thanks for the replies. :wave:

Moving? When migrating to iLok all content has to be reinstalled, as it is not identical to the eLicenser-protected content packages.

Here is a screenshot of the selections in EO2.0/Vienna Assistant:

Moving it off my SSD and onto my HD, to make space for some things that I use more often. It’s necessary then to go into Vienna Assistant to reconnect.

@Fabrizio: I suggest you start another thread on the topic of VelXF, because the Vienna people have changed some things in the course of preparing the iLok versions.