VE PRO and Cubase - how does it work?

Yes, VEPro can go on the same computer. I’ve read a lot of people saying that it allows them to run many more plugins on the same machine BUT when I’ve tried it (on Windows a year or two ago) I didn’t really find that to be the case. Might have just been something to do with the particular plugins I was using. I’m not sure. I didn’t really spend much time with it to be honest as there were a few latency/PDC issues with it at the time which put me off the idea. Perhaps I will revisit it when I have some time.

I absolutely find this is the case, Headlands.
(And I intend to add to and bump your other posts on Cubase’s inefficiency)

In an Orchestral Template I’m using at present I am using 30 (sometimes +) instances of EWQL Play VSTi in 2 instances of VEP5 on the same computer as Cubase.

It’s the only thing that allowed me to use Cubase 8.5 and not look at other DAWS for now.
The same VSTis directly in Cubase WILL NOT run. Crash and burn. With VEP5 Cubase is about 30%.

Make no sense. Running another program (VEP5) and Cubase results in MUCH better performance.
But there it is.

Normally I run a slave and am building 2 more. VEP5 is a magical program :open_mouth: that seamlessly integrates all of the slaves into the main box with nothing but a wired Network connection.
But even on 1 machine it works magic.

Not sure why it didn’t work for J-S-Q.


There’s no demo available of VE PRO unless you’re already a registered user, so I can’t test it.

They will give out demo licenses via mail, there is a long thread about it at their forum.

Please register as a user first and also register your ViennaKey here.

Alternatively, you can also use a Steinberg or Arturia Key, if you have one or can get one faster (they are usually available in music stores, and it´s the same copy protection system, “eLicenser”).

Send an email to > > when this is done, I will send a demo license asap.


Paul Steinbauer
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library

Don’t think you can.

You would have to automate using MCC and a learn function (if available in your plugs).

VEP5 has MIDI and Audio Inputs and outputs.
It does allow Transport Control to Cubase, also, but that’s it.

In order to automate proprietary things within a plug VEP5 would have to send this info TO Cubase in real time (during write) and receive it on playback. I think this kind of Data for the VSTi spec is only exchanged between the plug and the host, no way to send or receive it anywhere else.

I could be wrong, since VEP5 IS the Plug as far as Cubase is concerned.
Maybe I’ll get around to trying it.