VE Pro and Nuendo

I’ve just started using VE Pro with Nuendo.

I like the program but it beats up on my processors. I don’t have a second computer. I
am running the latest version of Nuendo at 64 bits.

Is there anything I can do to cut down on the processor strain? Would utilizing less outputs (just going stereo out of VE Pro) help?

What is the spec of your computer?
How many threads are allocated to each instance of VEP?
How many instances are you using?
VST2 or VST3 VEP connector?


I have one instance of VEP with eight instruments, all Kontakt 5.
I have chosen zero threads because of the low latency.
I have a four processor, 8 thread 3.4 Intel processor with 32 gigs of RAM.
I don’t know about the VST 2 vs VST 3 or where to look to change/ find out.

I think your misunderstanding about threads. You are talking about the buffer multiplier. Threads (in the VEP Prefs) allows you to tell VEP how many of your 8 threads to use. I would suggest at least 4. See page 13 of the VEP manual.

When you load the VEP connector in the VST rack, are you loading the one with /// next to the name?


I do not have the /// next to the VEP connector.

Thanks for the advice about the threads. I was confusing the two.

I use VEP with N6.5 and it works like a charm. Reduces the CPU load substantially, even using a VEP server on the same machine, though I also have 2 slave computers as well.

Up the VEP buffers to 2 and keep your soundcard latency as low as possible and I think you will be happy.