VE Pro causes intense lag in Cubase

Hi all,

Any Cubase/VE Pro wizards out there?

I’m on Windows 10. With as little as 10-15 midi tracks with midi CC data (CC7, CC11, CC1) playing simultaneously, Cubase starts studdering and lagging trying to go over the regions with data and basically almost freezes. The lag is caused by how much MIDI data is going through. The audio keeps coming through with no pops or clicks, however, it becomes impossible to do anything because of this lag. As soon as the playback is stopped Cubase goes back to functioning normally. We tried going through all the possible Asio or Cubase preferences, no luck. Then we thought perhaps it might be a graphics issue, so we tried different Nvidia parameters on the control panel, no luck. The CPU usage in Cubase is about 10-15%, the CPU usage in the task manager is about 10%, the disk performance meter is at 0%. Even changing the buffer size of the RME interface from 512 to 2048 didn’t improve the performance at all. We also tried going back to various previous versions of Cubase, no luck. Even if all the VE Pro instances aren’t connected to the other computers but are just present in Cubase, the issue still persists. The issue goes away as soon as I turn off all the VE Pro plugins in Cubase. We tried all the buffer settings on Vienna, no luck. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Vienna, no luck. Made sure that all the .dll files are the correct ones. Tried opening the file on Mac, the same issue persists. This problem occurs the higher you go in port numbers and gets consistently worse as you increase from midi port 1. It’s hard to believe that with just 10 midi tracks with data Cubase is basically unusable, so there must be something within Cubase/VE Pro that’s causing this. Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

Asio guard off for the VEP plugins (you can do that in the plugin manager on a per plugin basis)? It should be off.
If this is not it, try one vep plugin per instrument/midi track not many through one.

i have the same problem. Used a different NVDIA driver (Studio Driver) but didn’t help. Downgraded from 10.5.12 to 10.5.10 and that didnt help either.

any update on this?

Did it ever work?

yes it worked before.

LOL when? Went wrong after…Cubase update and which one? Or Vep update? Or OS update?

This is the same on Mac as well – and has been for a few versions (9.0, 9.5, 10.0, etc). When the MIDI gets dense, Cubase gets very slow. I thought it could have been the use of multiple MIDI ports per VE Pro (i.e. VE Pro VST3) and I tried using the VST2 version, unfortunately that didn’t help either. Comparably, the same MIDI and similar VE Pro setup in Logic is perfectly smooth.