Velocities - Key editor Window Right Click Tool Select - Ipad 2.3 still have a free option?

Hi Dorico team,

Great to have an update!. Would love to be able to select multiple notes and type in a numeric velocity in the Notes and Rests panel. It’s great to be able to do have this new option but I find myself usually wanting to change the velocity of a selection (in the same staff even would be fine!) of more than just one note. Unless you can already do this and I’m wrong! but I read in the Blog post that it was any ‘singular’ note for the numerical entry option.

The other thing that I find a bit strange is that when I’m in the Key Editor window with velocities showing, I double click my trackpad for the right click tool contextual Icon tooltip select and in the new update it flashes on for a second and then just disappears. I’m wondering if I’ve got my trackpad setup wrong maybe . In the previous version I would right click and the window would show up but the tooltip icon wouldn’t change to the pencil and would just keep displaying the arrow so I was a bit confused by that. Just thought I’d mention it incase someone else has had any issues. They’re all minor things though so I’m not unhappy!

My feature request would be not only to have multiple notes editable numerically, but also to have multiple notes in different staves editable as well. If I have an orchestral chord I find I want to give sometimes a section a boost here and there. This would also be handy via a numerical entry instead as well as part of the key editor.

The program just keeps getting better and better though. The forum is the best thing about Dorico. Is the Ipad version 2.3 still free to use as just one instrument? Just wondering that while I’m asking questions before I update it and then have to roll back. I find I mainly use it for keyboard sketching in between using the desktop version.

Thanks again Daniel and co. It’s cold here in Melbourne Australia! Cheers Simon

You can indeed use the new Velocity property in the Properties panel to change the velocity of multiple selected notes if you wish, just as you can with any other property in the panel. These can be notes belonging to different instruments if you like. Just make sure that only notes are selected (you can use Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords to achieve this).

The quick tools that appear in the key editor when you right-click are different than a standard menu: a standard menu appears when you click and release the button, and then goes away when you actively choose an item from the menu, or click outside it. The quick tools instead only appear while you hold down the right mouse button (or Control-click) and whichever tool your mouse pointer is over when you release the mouse button is the one that is chosen.

Thanks Daniel! Congrats on the new update! Cheers Simon.