velocities pencil bug

Cubase 6.0.2 brand new project at 48KHz 23.98 fps.
-load an H.264 video, no audio.
-open blank midi track.
-open velocities lane.
-start playback
roll mouse over from the main piano roll view into the velocity edit lane, so that the cursor turns into a pencil.
do this rapidly during playback and you’ll see the video stutter and skip frames.

Here is my original complaint on the VSL forums in regard to VEP5.

For some reason I’m noticing this issue now on VEP5 but not on VEP4. Its actually so bad playback is stuttering and ASIO is overloading while using VEP5. Even a single mouse movement like this will cause issues. Also, if you leave it in the piano roll view with auto-scroll on, the auto-scroll will cause pops in the audio stream when the auto-scroll changes to the next view. So I guess this is two closely related bugs


What is the video card in use?

In device manager I see two cards:
ATI FireGL V3350
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

Maybe the FireGL is old and crappy and I should get rid of it