Is there more comprehensive help on GAO :confused: anywhere? I need more help with layers/velocities, I have trouble getting some velocities to sound. I know about the vel. layers, but it seems that I have to turn the volume close to 100% to get the layer to play. Does the layers automatically play the chosen velocity range at the coresponding ound level? I’m having trouble sounding lower velocities. Is there a tut. anywhere?
Thanks as always

Can you clarify?

So velocities from say 25 and down do not emit a sound. Everything from 25 and up is fine. This is a problem that would need further examination/explanation.

Or, velocities, 0-25 are so low that you need to turn master volume up, yet that in turn makes vel 25-128 too loud.
If that is the case, this is velocity “curve” issue. Let us know.

I have not chosen to get too far with GAO, but I believe it should work the way most vel layers work.

Thanks mpane0,
That helps a lot, I can work with 25-127, if you have any more info on GAO please pass it on, by the way, the manual mentions a efficiency slider, do you know where it is? :sunglasses:

Efficiency slider? Vaguely familiar term, maybe look in the patch browser of GAO. I can check tomorrow.

So you’re good? You got it fixed, or still no sound at all for any loaded samples at low velocities.

Are you using multi velocity layers, or are you using one sample?

Thanks for hanging in there, mention of the efficiency slider is from the C5 manual, sorry! See if this makes sense; I started a new project and the snare pad had just 1 layer and it plays in all velocities, it seems like the only reason to have multiple vel. is if you want to trigger different sounds/layers using varying vels. Maybe? :open_mouth:

I almost forgot this!

That is the main reason to use multiple velocity either different sound, or mapping pressure to volume, although with trickery you can trigger other function with velocity thru the logical editor. (let me take that back, I have tried to use velocity to control other things but had a hard time with it)

It is up to you, either you want all snares to play the same level (old school drum machine) or you might have a more dynamic performance with ghost notes or pseudo-delay tapped snare hits. That is as simple as adjusting the vel sens.

Or, I think (in key editor): select all, ctrl/alt/V should apply one vel value to all selected midi notes.