Velocity adjustments

Hi, I’m searching something concerning adjusting velocity values of certain notes in a piano score.
I like the humanization that Dorico does by giving some variation in velocity in a bar (first note a little higher velocity and so on).
When I want e.g. just the upper notes of a chord a little bit stronger then the other notes, I can

  • select that notes with the filter in the write mode,
  • adjust the velocity value of the selected notes in the play mode,
    BUT as far as I can see: the only possibility to adjust all the selected notes in one time is to give them exactly the same velocity value :frowning:
    Is there possibility to keep that variation in value, and just change all the velocity values with e.g. +5 points?
    And if not: will there be an expansion of the possibilities in tweaking the velocity values?

This is not possible at the moment, but yes, it’s something we plan to add in future.