Velocity and CC in Percussion Maps


With percussion instruments, I want to control hits with velocity, and rolls with CC1. But I can’t find a way, in the Percussion Maps editor, to link each technique to one of the above controls.

Is there a way to do it?


No, there is not directly a way to do this at the moment. It does work to a limited extent if you assign an expression map in addition to a percussion map and define the appropriate playing techniques and volume types in the expression map, but this is not fully supported and to the extent it works, it works more by coincidence than anything else.

Thank you, Daniel. An expression map would not be able to understand which techniques in the percussion map requires a particular control, so I agree this can’t do what I want.

I’m solving it by inserting a switch (in the case of VST libraries: CC28) before the particular technique. But I would file a feature request to have the same choice of velocity controls we have in the expression maps.