Velocity Bug

Hello everybody,
I am experiencing a sound bug when working with the velocity of notes, using Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST.

Whenever I have a note with a low velocity, at playback in the end of that note the sound will suddenly go up to velocity 100% for a milisecond. I uploaded a video so you can see/hear what I mean:

This of course sounds bad, does anybody have a solution? Is this a cubase bug? Or could it be a Halion Symphonic Orchestra-wise error?

Any help appreciated!

Do you have any recorded modulation (CC1) or expression (CC11) data on the MIDI controller data?
Or any automation data?

I think I never did anything with CC1 or CC11, I also never had any midi device connected.
Do you think an update to Cubase 6 or Cubase 7 might fix the problem?
Thanks for your help!

obviously at Steinberg they don’t care that much about their customers…
No further help here, and at MySteinberg where I contacted them also no reply since a week :frowning:
I’d love to get rid of that annoying velocity bug cause it just makes it sound bad, especially if you use pp velocity a lot at calm orchestral pieces