Velocity Changing

I have C8.5 but I expect this topic will equally apply to C9.
I have a line of single MIDI notes entered manually from the keyboard (Korg Oasys). They differ in velocity. I want them the same velocity. Can I do it by grouping them all together other than by changing each note individually. EG–I want velocity at ,say, 90. Some notes are above and some below. Can I change them together so they all sit at 90. I suppose it’s a kind of quantising velocity!

Select them -> enter desired value in info line -> press [STRG] + [enter]

Or use the Logical Editor…

While I’d generally change it in the Info Line (is “STRG” a Mac thing, on PC it would be ctrl+enter) there is also a quick & dirty way to do this just using the mouse.

  1. In the Key Ed select all the notes.
  2. Hover your mouse over the top middle of the controller lane showing velocity until it says “Scale Vertically” & drag all the way to the bottom. This sets all the velocities the same at 0.
  3. Again hover the mouse until it says “Move Vertically” & drag up to the desired value.

However if this is something you are going to end up doing over-and-over the the Logical Editor is the way to go and then assign it to a Key Command.

Select notes, then

Midi Menu

  • Functions
  • Velocity
  • Set to fixed velocity

Oh Yeah… Forgot about that one.

Easy Macro, too. :slight_smile:

Sorry I’ve been absent following my initial post. I’m still away --far from Cubase-- to put your helpful suggestions into practise, but I will.
Many thanks. I want to get this working as it has bugged me.