Velocity controller lane values as points not bars

Hi Cubase,

Would love to have velocity controller lane show values as individual points, not bars, if possible - simply so that notes with identical start times can be more easily identified/grabbed and individually altered in value, without affecting unintended notes.

There’s no benefit to be gained by cluttering the screen with bar-type representations - it looks a little messy and it can be all to easy to make unintended velocity alterations!

Many thanks for considering this. :slight_smile:

Am fairly new to Cubase so if there’s an option to change this setting or work-around then I’d love to hear it.

best wishes and thanks for all your great work,

I too struggle with the velocity bars. It would be nice to have a clearer display particularly for notes which overlap - well lets face it most of them do when its keyboard/piano playing!!

If I’m editing notes that are too close together I use the Status line at the top to edit velocity, along with the mouse wheel.


Sounds like the Logical Editor or Transformer might be a better choice for these kinds of edits. :wink:

I think there is a key command for directly selecting each note and adjusting velocity…

Not at my station at the moment… is it shift/alt?

You should see a speaker icon.

I personally think the bars are easier to see to the eye, but options are good.

Select a note Ctrl+Shift and drag your mouse up or down.

Thanks all for your help / advice - The above is perfect. Sorry to be guilty of not rtfm - I’ve only recently switched and am straight into very busy job so am getting by without any good shortcuts knowledge - it’ll be July before I have the chance to just sit and explore/play (!!)

thanks again!