Velocity Keyboard midi effect will not play if Cubasis transport is at 1.1.1 position

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Velocity keyboard midi effect from Mani Consulting Limited don’t play instruments when Cubasis transport is at 1.1.1 position


Velocity Keyboard is a very nice midi effect controller to play instruments in Cubasis 3 as it’s velocity sensitive depending on finger touch velocity. Works really well with nice workflow in Cubasis, but it works only if Cubasis transport is not set at 1.1.1 position.

Actual results

If Cubasis 3 transport is at 1.1.1 position, playing Velocity Keyboard loaded as a midi effect on a midi track will not play any sound. If moving Cubasis transport cursor at any other timeline position, Velocity Keyboard will play without any issues. Velocity Keyboard doesn’t have any built in sequencer BTW.

Expected results

Velocity keyboard should work at any Cubasis transport position.


Cubasis 3.1.1, iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 13.5.1, latest AppStore Velocity Keyboard version.

Hi Janosax,

Please share your finding with Mani Consulting Limited.


Thanks I will report them ASAP.

Thanks, Janosax!