Velocity Mod Wheel suggestions?

Hi everyone. So I’m staying at a friend’s place for about a month and the only controller I have does not come with a mod wheel. Only a pitch bend wheel. I use the mod wheel frequently to modulate the velocity of my string lines in Spitfire Albion. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to work around this?

The input transformer can do this. Are you familiar with it?

I am not. Can you explain further?

The input transformer, found in the inspector, will transform the pitchbend messages into mod wheel -cc1- data.
When you select it by clicking on the little arrow button, choose “global”. That way it will work for any track in your project.
There is no preset for this, but I got it working with the parameters you see in the attachment.
Be sure the little “power” button is activated in the module 1 tab. Save it as a preset.
I’m still new to this feature, so if there is a better of doing this, I hope one of the experts will help.
Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.50.01 PM.png

You’re not actually working with Velocity data if you’re using Albion, you’re working with CC1 data and you’re controlling “dynamics” not velocity. (Velocity is a separate MIDI data lane, and not to be confused with the “dynamics” of the string patch).

Your best bet is to draw in the CC1 data by hand within the key editor, or mapping it to the pitch bend like the other user suggested.

Ah. Well that explains why I couldn’t find it. I probably should have specified that I currently use Elements 8, and there does not seem to be an input transformer function.