Velocity of notes entered via querty keyboard change?

I’ve been messing about with expression maps for the last few days and noticed something strange.

When I select inputting a note with an accent (>) the notes input with a velocity of 64 as viewed on the PLAY page. I have an expression map selected to play back a ‘sfz’ sound in my library, from the ‘Accent’ playing techniques. I don’t think I’ve altered this technique. It does this with no bother, however as soon as I press P to play from a highlighted note, the velocities all jump down to random figures between 22 and 15? Is that normal?

When you input notes, no velocity is set (unless you record live with MIDI and you have the option to preserve velocities turned on). The velocity that they will play with depends on the dynamics that came before it, as well as beat stress and humanisation. After a sfz the dynamic should return to the level before the sfz. If you have a sfz in the expression map then I think that suppresses the change in dynamic. I wouldn’t expect the velocities to change after it, so I would check that you haven’t manually overridden the dynamic by drawing in Play Mode. Select the notes, right-click and do Reset Overrides. If this doesn’t solve the problem then please attach a minimal score (you’ll need to zip it first).

I’ll check it tomorrow Paul… my brain’s frazzled from the expression maps… just done the oboe though so only about 20 to go AGHHHH!

For your own sanity, I would really recommend trying to configure the sample library to use a consistent set of keyswitches so that you can reuse as much as possible (eg violins, violas, cellos all using the same).

Thanks for that tip Paul. I was going to follow that idea as I really am not into minutia as such. I learned so much yesterday and now understand how the separate elements link together. It’s one of those things where if I had been sat down with yourself or Anthony Hughes, you’d have probably spotted the little piece that I wasn’t getting and would have been able to explain it. I did think one of the videos by John or Anthony (where they produce a kind of flow chart citing where things lead to) was excellent but can’t remember which one it was. Thanks for the help. Al