Velocity of the hands at the piano


When I write for a piano and indicate for example “f” for the right hand and “mp” for the left hand both hands will play the same velocity.

This was already the case when I tried the 2.x version.

I know there is a trick to avoid this problem but my question is whether or not this will be fixed in future updates, I don’t want to know when, only if it’s planned.

Dynamics apply to the whole instrument unless you use the caret and Alt-Enter to confirm the popover - this will make them voice-specific.

This is consistent with local key and time signatures, so (and I’m merely a user) I doubt there’s anything here to fix.

Oh, I feel silly.


Don’t feel silly. This thread might help new users to understand how to make “something” local. Alt-enter the popover is the key. There’s nothing intuitive or un-intuitive about it. You just have to learn it once !

I just learned something new so yeah it was good to post.