Velocity Playback Overrides

Hi all, resetting my playback overrides for selected notes does not reset note velocities. Is there a way around this?

If you mean the velocities don’t show as identical, have you checked Playback Options? There are settings there that affect beat stress, so notes aren’t necessarily supposed to all have the same velocity. Downbeats are 30% higher velocity, for example.

Got it, thanks!

I’ve got the humanize set to 0% but I’m getting uneven playback on bars that have the same note durations. Is there another place I have to look to adjust humanization? I’ve reset the playback overrides for these bars but the timing seems to be slightly off.

If you cut the project down to just one or two instruments and one or two bars and the timing problems are still reproducible, please attach the project here so we can take a look.

I finally figured it out! I had hidden the tempo signposts from when I first imported the midi file and there were micro changes all throughout the track going from something like 69.2456 bpm to 71.2345 so with it being so subtle I thought it was humanization affecting the playback.