velocity settings

I use Instrument trk set with Halion Sonic SE for my drum pattern. Is there a way of setting the velocity value with one command. At the moment I’m having to ‘draw’ across the vertical bars (at the bottom of the Key Editor: Drums) with the mouse, freehand which is not very satisfactory. I find it difficult to believe there isn’t a better way of doing it.

You should be able to “lasso” every hit in the drum editor then modify the velocity value in the info line. The values for the first hit selected will be shown. Change the velocity value for the first hit and all selected will change the same amount.

I can only find a button marked as ‘Insert velocity’ Is this the value you mean to change? if so then it doesn’t seem to make any difference to the selected drum parts. I have actually worked out a way of doing it. I set all the selected drum parts to full vol (128), then, when the mouse icon changes to a double chevron pointing up & down, I move the velocity settings to the value I want.

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t have the info line showing, now I’ve found out how to activate it, I can see how your instructions work. Thanks again.