velocity shift- laggy with you too?


velocity shift is sooo slow to react… totally not useable in realtime…

also with you?

and, if yes, why do you think it is so laggy?


Do you mean the Velocity parameter in the Info View of the Key Editor? Or…

How many Notes do you edit at once (I mean 2 or 1000?)

Hi Martin=)

I mean when you map a Quick control to velocity shift and use a controller to modulate it manually ;:stuck_out_tongue:

Key Editor is fine…

thx n greets=)

From what I can see here, it isn’t the Vel. Shift parameter itself that is sluggish… when playing live or playing back the MIDI track, it is perfectly “snappy”… played some rapid notes, and the velocity shift was applied without any noticeable delay in playing performance.
However, when the Vel.Shift parameter is moved in realtime or piloted from Quick Controls (either via an external controller, or even using the mouse on the QC slot directly), then, yes, I agree, its effect is slow to react here too (maybe as much as 1/2 sec?).

Thx for confirmation, vic=)

yep, like 1/2 sec or so reaction time… I wonder why…