Velocity values do not react in Cubase / Nuendo 11

Hi, have two project files, where the sample players: halion 6.5, VI player VE7, a.o. do not react on velocity values and always play maximum value. Where can I check CC22 and velocity transmission, or have a chance for setup velocity transmission and controller? It’s crazy on the other hand that by setting up a new setup in a new project, copying the tracks from the corrupt project file to the new one, everything works again!? Easy to do with piano solo, but with huge orchetra setup itÄs sysiphos. By doing so experienced a bug in VE7pro. Have to de- and reinstall the server tomorrow. Good christmas eve job :wink:

Velocity and CC22 can be seen in the controller lanes. I’m not sure I understand the rest of your message, but I’ll follow this topic- if you reply I will see it and respond.


you might also need to add more controller lanes:

Okay, I didn’t edit this stuff on software base may since the early ninetith and use it only for external synthesizing stuff. But I think, that’s the point: normally you must not edit these things between Cubase/Nuendo and a software sampler like Halion or Vienna Instrument/Ensemble. I added two pics and hope you can give a direction, where to look. Didn’t find a way to tell Nuendo CC22 is velocity

Thanks a lot, Udo

ups, no way ro add pics? … got it

VI controller map

After adding cc22 to the lane it works, but why isn’t the velocity in there by default?

If you are referring to the controller list in the image, it’s a list of continuous controllers. Velocity is part of a note message, and is not a controller message.

Velocity is displayed by default in the controller lane, though it can be hidden. It’s always available in the create controller lane drop down menu: