velocity via cc1

Hi. I was wondering if there is a way to set velocity values on a track with the mod wheel setting on the same track. I’d like to have this for orchestral libraries like LASS where short dynamics are controlled by velocity. Using just one lane instead of two would be a lot better I think, not having to switch back and forth so often. Is there any way this could happen? Thanks for your time.

Use a MIDI Compressor in the MIDI Insert and controll its threshold.

Great, I’ve got the compressor as an insert and I can automate the velocity now via an automation lane. But I’m having a bit of trouble mapping the threshold of the compressor to cc1. Could you give me a step by step?

I can right now just guess as I’m not in the studio today.
But also have a look at the transformer plugin in the MIDI Insert. Should be somehow possible to do it with it.

But you could easily control the threshold of the MIDI comp with a fader or a knob via the quick controls.

I’ll have a look at this this evening and post here if somebody else hasn’t given you a better idea yet.

Thanks for your help. I’ve got cc1 on my keyboard controlling the threshold through a quick control. However, it doesn’t follow automation written on the modulation track itself. I’ll try the input transformer, but I’m not very experienced with it, so if anyone knows how to set this scenario up I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Yeah, just checked it out myself. Didn’t work like expected.
Sorry for the fail.

Hope somebody knows how to set this up.
I’m also interested now.

Have you tried using dynamics mapping?

You can map dynamic signs (pppp, pp, ff, ffff and their siblings) to control level of an instrument’s sound via velocity, VST3 volume message or MIDI CC. The level (value) for each sign is configurable and you get a neat dynamics lane for a much more musical experience while sequencing…

I think that’s what you’re looking for…

if typical mapping in dynamics map setup doesn’t work for you, you can create custom articulation maps that can enjoy all specific features of your plugin, like key switches and special controls. Very cool!


I acutally use the expression maps now to switch articulations on my midi tracks. This is great, but I don’ t really like the idea of using a dynamics map. I prefer the precise control that a controller lane gives me.

What I’d like to happen was exactly what happened when I used the midi compressor and a quick control to change the actual velocity of the short notes via the mod wheel. Unfortunately, this is only a live control, and the midi compressor won’t respond to actual automation changes on the cc1 lane.

Another thing that comes in my mind is configuring the sampleplayer.
I’d usually set up the task for the mod wheel inside the sampler. Halion has
a modulation matrix for this reason and in Kontakt you can assign parameters via
rightclick on them.

But I don’t think that you can controll the velocity via the mod wheel in these samplers, too.
In Halion Symphonic Orchestra and most NI Kits you work with keyswitches to change the articulation and
change the volume of the instrument with the mod wheel to make crescendos and changes in the dynamic range.
I find this kind of mapping, especially for classical instruments, way better than velocity-switching.


hope I understand you right, godspeedyouq.

ok, here´s my simple solution…


not even if you write automation for the quick control?