VEP and Dorico no sound coming back from VEP

I took the splurge and and I’m putting Vienna into my work flow. I’ve managed to get sound from channel 1 to sound, but no other channels. The endpoint are set (custom for EWSQ), The fader show input, the mixer is up in Dorico. Yet no sound.thanks for your help

I think you should have sound as long as you have the correct number of audio outputs set in Dorico for the Endpoint:


Also, because your Opus instances themselves are using more than one stereo output going back to VE Pro, you should make sure that you actually added auxiliary stereo outputs to the “Opus 2” instance in VE Pro itself, otherwise you’ll only hear the instrument sent back to “Opus 1&2” in the opus Interface (the 18 1st violins and the upright bass).

You can also do some testing by running the standalone version of VE Pro instead of the Server connected to Dorico - if you can’t hear everything even in the standalone version, you know that your VE Pro settings are wrong and not something in Dorico.

(Personally, what I do is use the mixer in VE Pro instead of the one in Dorico, and just have VE Pro send Dorico back the single stereo audio stream instead of multiple channels, but this is just my preferred approach because I don’t need to use the stage features added in v5)

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The attached file is a basic routing principle for what I assume you are after. I only have the HO, not the SO, so you may not hear anything… hopefully the routing is visible…

thanks for this.