VEP (old version - v4)only plays on CH 1?

Sorry for the barrage of questions lately…

I suspect my problem is a very old version of Vienna Ensemble Pro - version 4.

VEP is hosting Kontakt, with several instruments loaded into multiple channels of a single instance of Kontakt, also I am running 3 instances of VEP on the local computer and 1 on a networked computer.

Playback only happens on the first VEP 4 Instance on both computers. Port 1, channel 1 (and within kontakt, channel 1.) I also have some VSL instruments running in Vienna Ensemble (Not Pro!) Version 6.5

So basically I’m hearing Trumpet 1 (because it’s the first VEP Instance on local computer) and Piccolo (first VEP Instance on networked computer), and all saxes + euphonium which are running in Vienna Instruments hosted in Vienna Ensemble (Not Pro!) Version 6.5

Can anyone confirm that such a setup SHOULD work if I upgraded to the current version of Vienna Ensemble Pro? It seems that Vienna Ensemble (again NOT Pro V 6.5) is working correctly on multiple channels, (I just don’t have any Kontakt instances in there.)

I hope I am explaining this in a way that makes sense.

In Play Mode, how does your Endpoint Setup look like for VEP4? On the right side of the window is the list of VSTinstruments, left to the plug-in instance is a cogwheel icon, and if you click that, the Endpoint Setup dialog opens. In there you can specify the number of MIDI channels etc. Is that all correctly set up with you?

If you run a Kontakt multi in a single VEP strip, make sure the channel selector on the top is set to ALL (and not left on the default channel 1…)

It looks like the endpoint is set up correctly. I don’t have any issues if kontakt is loaded directly through dorico, it’s only when it’s hosted in VEP4.

Fratveno: I changed it from 1 to Omni and still no playback on anything other than the first channel of the first instance of VEP4.

*Update: I installed the VEP7 Demo and still have the same issue. Which makes me believe I’m setting things up wrong.

In Dorico, on the instrument setup in play mode, on the left… I see I have Port and Channel. I set this up assuming port 1 in Dorico was connected port 1 of the first kontakt instance within that instance of VEP (VE Pro Plugin MIDI in 1), Port 2 in Dorico was connected to the 2nd kontakt instance (set to port 2 - (VE Pro Plugin MIDI in 2)) within that same instance of VEP. And that Channel in Dorico was connected with channels Inside kontakt (not on the kontakt instance channel either to the left or top of the screen in VEP.)

Maybe I have some of that confused. ALso since I see in Dorico I haveover 90 ports to choose, yet within VEP I only have 8 - though I’m sure I can set that to more than 8.

Should I be loading MORE instances of Kontakt within VEP with one instrument in each Kontakt Instance (and thus port) instead of One kontakt instance within VEP with multiple instruments set to different channels?

**** Edit: And suddenly things are working right. I think it was Fratveno’s suggestion to change it to All/Omni, but it wasn’t updating it because I hadn’t started playback again, I was just trying to play on the tracks that weren’t playing before.**