VEPRO 5 multiple outputs to Cubase


I’m still new to Cubase and VEPro 5 and I have 1 instance of VEPRO5 running from Cubase Pro 8 with 7 instances of Kontakt in the 1 instance of VEPRO5. How can I send each instance of Kontakt to a seperate output of VEPRO5 to send to Cubase to a different audio track?

So everything right now from all 7 instances of kontakt is running to output 1-2 which plays off of 1 audio track in Cubase. I’d like to send basically the strings to an audio track in cubase named strings, brass to brass… etc etc… So I can have an easier time mixing sections.

Is this doable? I can’t figure out how to set this up in Cubase.


In Cubase instruments rack enable 7 outputs for VePro instance.

In VePro route each Kontakt to a separate output (output 1/2, output 3/4…)
By default they go to master but you can change that by clicking where it says master and selecting from the dropdown list