VEPro 7 Channel Strip Insert Automation From Dorico

This is my first foray into VEPro 7 automation. I’m trying to emulate a silk-covered snare. In VEPro I have an EQ on the snare drum channel strip. When the EQ is bypassed, I get the regular snare sound and when it is active, I get the simulated silk-covered sound.

In Dorico I would like a Performance Technique, “Silk-covered snare”, to activate the EQ in the VEPro channel strip.

Looking at the Automation Parameters in VEPro there doesn’t seem to be a way to access the EQ insert.

Is it possible to automate inserts in VEPro, and if so, how?


Hi Leigh,

Yes, that is possible (a while ago I had the same question).
This is the procedure:

  1. Create a new MIDI controller by clicking on the tab “MIDI controllers” in the automation tab and then clicking on the green plus.
  2. Click in the new row in the left window on the little arrow to choose the right port (mostly number 1), the right channel and controller you want to use.
  3. Click now on the L, right from the right window (becomes blue).
  4. Click now on the parameter in the window of the equalizer you want to automate.
    (Assuming you are using the Vienna Equalizer Pro, it is in this case the most left icon just above the equalizer graph, that “pc icon”, just left of the letter A.) In the right window that parameter appears.

Good luck!

Thank you! I got it working!


Nice to hear!