VEPro & autosave issue

I’ve noticed/realized that every time autosave executes (every 5 minutes, as default), the process includes saving my VEPro palette, which in the current project has 13 instances. So I get this regular hang – playback continues but score-following stops, and editing has to wait.

Typically, I would not be changing anything in the VEPro palette during a work session, so I’m wondering whether some flexibility might be helpful?

IIRC there is a way to configure VEP and Dorico so this does not happen.
Check your VEP documentation for the technique.

Hi @Marcabru,
yes it is possible not to have this delay. You have to Decouple your VEPro instances. So Dorico will not save the VEPro session. I use it all the time in Cubase. Just remember to Couple your instances of VEPro at the end (at the end of the work, before saving and closing your project) so that the Dorico file saves the right informations.
Look hier for instructions:


Thank you, gentlemen. That seems to have worked.

using decoupled in VEP also makes for much smaller filesizes as all the instrument info doesn’t need to be saved again in Dorico.

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