VEPRO/Dorico4/BBCSO pro template

hey everyone,

Does anyone have a VEPRO/Dorico4/BBCSO pro template they can post? Was looking at the tutorial and seems a little maddening to set up.



Not sure if this helps or not?..

Are you talking about this tutorial?

If you start from scratch it is indeed a bit time consuming to set up both the Dorico and VEP side. You could start with a normal BBCSO Pro playback template in Dorico which can be found on the web. Then you already have all players and might be able to keep the expression maps linked to them when you reassign them to à VEP instance and channel.
You then have to redefine the rack i.e. delete most BBCSO instruments and replace the last 5-6 remaining direct BBCSO in the rack with VEPPro. There are many options to do this. One possibility is oneVEP instance per section as in the example, so you would need minimum 5 VEP instances, but you might need more if you want to use the same vesp file also for a DAW with 16 channel limit per instance as well.

As BBCSO has only one solo flute, one solo clarinet etc. or multiple a3 or a4 instrument sections you also have to decide in advance if you want a flute 1, flute 2, oboe 1, oboe 2 etc. in your Dorico players setup. Each player would need a BBCSO instrument in a VEP instance. So you have to use the solo flute and all other doubled instruments two times in your VEP instance. Alternative is to use the instrument sections and write in condensed form in Dorico. It is not satisfactory to use the same instrument in VEP for two players in Dorico.